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Interested in communication, broadcasting, or journalism?

Get experience through one of our student groups like STN Channel 2, The Hartford Infomer, or WSAM 105.3/

Hartbeat Magazine

Hartbeat Student Magazine is the official general interest undergraduate student magazine of the University of Hartford that engages in and furthers the University’s intellectual and social dialogue. Hartbeat presents a cross-section of the campus' intellectual like, amplifying student voices by publishing their ideas, essays, literature and artwork. all types of intellectual discourse - political, economic, social, literary, artistic - are considered for publication.

Contact Information:
President: Shaniece Johnson,
Advisor: Dr. DeLois Lindsey,

Why you should join this organization?
A great way to meet people with similar interests while voicing student voices campus wide.

Hawks Sports Television

HSTV is a student-run sports broadcasting organization specializing in live, remote shoots of University of Hartford athletics and became an official club in spring 2010.

STN Channel 2

Interested in the world of television? STN Channel 2 News reveals the magic of television—learn to shoot film, edit, and write on-air scripts. Each Friday live at 5 p.m. STN airs its weekly newscast. Tune in on campus to channel two or view it streaming live at for the latest campus news, and ‘Watch The Impact We Make”.

Meeting Times:
GSU 120G, contact for more information.

Contact Information:
President: Erin Austin,
Advisor: Dr. Jack Banks

Why you should join this organization?
Entirely student-run, STN is the Student Television Network at the University of Hartford, offering a terrific opportunity to experience firsthand how news is gathered and reported in a television format. Each week STN Channel 2 produces a live news program, with student news and sports anchors, camera operators, directors, and all of the other critical positions needed to produce the program.

The Hartford Informer

Want to try your hand at journalistic writing or find out what it’s like to work in the newspaper business? Then you may want to submit an article or take a position on the staff of The Informer, a weekly newspaper run by students. No matter your major, your participation is welcome!

Contact Information:
President: Kayla Heffernan,
Advisor: Roger Desmond,

Why you should join this organization?
The official University of Hartford student newspaper, the Informer, presents an excellent opportunity for Communication students to get involved, learn about journalism, develop new skills, and meet other students from across campus who share your interests. Visit us at

WSAM 105.3 FM

WSAM is one of two radio stations on the campus of the University of Hartford. WSAM is a top notch on-campus station, run by students, that streams on the internet. Their format includes talk shows, a full range of music genres, and provides music for many campus events.

Contact Information:

Why you should join this organization?
Alumni members of the station's management continue to come back to campus to deejay every December for the Preschool Holiday Party. Executive Board positions are open to members who are a part of the station, and they are a part of the campus media groups. Tune in!

WWUH 91.3 FM

Broadcasting around the region and available worldwide on the Internet is the University of Hartford's WWUH 91.3 FM radio station. Staffed by students and volunteers from the community, it is known for its outstanding and smart music, public affairs, and specialized programming

Contact Information:
General Manager: John Ramsey,

Why you should join this organization?
Visit us at to hear our station!

Experience the TV Studio