Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Officers

Chair: Jerry Katrichis
Email: katrichis@hartford.edu

Vice Chair: Nels Highberg
Email: highberg@hartford.edu

Secretary: Natalie Politikos
Email: politikos@hartford.edu

The University of Hartford faculty senate is the primary faculty governing board and consists of faculty members from each college who serve as senators and represent their constituent faculty members. Among other responsibilities, the faculty senate oversees faculty input on faculty policies, academic procedures, and university curricula. The Senate convenes twice each month and subcommittees meet as required. Elections for Senators are held in April at the individual college’s faculty meeting.

About the Senate

The University of Hartford Faculty Senate is authorized in Part III, Article III Section 3 of the University's Charter and Bylaws as the only official faculty organization at the University. It actively engages 31 Faculty Senators representing all seven schools and colleges of the University. A faculty member who is full-time and has been in residence for a year or more is eligible to run for the Senate. Elections for three-year terms are held at each college's faculty meetings. There are 8 Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate, listed in the Senate Bylaws.

The Executive Committee of the Senate meets monthly, before the full Senate meeting, and sets the agenda. The Executive Committee is composed of the Senate Officers and Committee Chairs. The administration consults with Faculty Senate Executive members for advice and feedback on issues of concern.

In addition to its role in approving all curriculum changes, the Senate makes a major contribution to setting academic policies and procedures through its role in changing the Manual of Academic Policies and Procedures (MAPP) and the Faculty Policy Manual (FPM). Changes to MAPP are initially approved by the Student Affairs Committee of the Senate for issues related to students, and by the Curriculum Committee for issues related to the curriculum review process. Changes to the FPM are initially approved by the Senate's Faculty Affairs committee. Proposed changes may be initiated by faculty or the Council of Deans.

These committees then present the proposals to the full Senate for review and approval. Should there be a disagreement about a proposal between the Senate and the Council of Deans, the proposal is then sent to the Faculty Senate/Deans Joint Committee, which includes the three Senate officers plus representatives of the Council of Deans, as appointed by the Provost. Changes approved by both the Council of Deans and the Faculty Senate must be approved by the Provost, the President, and the Executive Committee of the Board of  Regents before being enacted.

(Revised 5-10-07; 1-4-08; 8-1-08; 9-23-13; 5-23-14; 12-11-15, 2-13-19)

Contact the Faculty Senate

Phone: 860.768.4789
Email: facsenate@hartford.edu
Office location: Suite 314, Computer Center and Administration Building
Coordinator: Lydia Chiappetti

Faculty Senate Committee Members

Awards and Nominations
Committee Member College Position Email
  Hillyer Non-Senator  
Britt, Tim CETA Senator britt@hartford.edu
Certo, Catherine ENHP Non-senator certo@hartford.edu
Haston, Warren Hartt Chair haston@hartford.edu
Nordyke, John HAS Non-Senator nordyke@hartford.edu
Pidano, Anne A&S Senator pidano@hartford.edu
Rogers, Annette Barney Non-senator arogers@hartford.edu
Committee Member College Position Email
Balco, Cat HAS Senator balco@hartford.edu
Highberg, Nels A&S Chair highberg@hartford.edu
Misovich, Stephen Hillyer Non-Senator misovich@hartford.edu
Moore, Tracey Hartt Senator tmoore@hartford.edu
Oz, Onur Barney Senator oz@hartford.edu
Richard, Lucy ENHP Senator richard@hartford.edu
Sawruk, Ted CETA Non-Senator sawruk@hartford.edu
Environmental & Sustainability
Committee Member College Position Email
Davis, Steve Hartt Senator stedavis@hartford.edu
Firkatian, Mari Hillyer Chair firkatian@hartford.edu
Hefter, Abe A&S Senator hefter@hartford.edu
Britt, Tim CETA Senator britt@hartford.edu
Ranucci, Rebecca Barney Senator ranucci@hartford.edu
Scribner, Scott Hillyer Senator scribner@hartford.edu
Weinholtz, Donn ENHP Non-Senator weinholtz@hartford.edu
Wollner, Andy HAS Senator wollner@hartford.edu
Debbie Vergara SGA Student dvergara@hartford.edu
Faculty Affairs
Committee Member College Position Email
Koffman, Carrie Hartt Senator koffman@hartford.edu
Major, Bill Hillyer Non-Senator major@hartford.edu
Moslehpour, Saeid CETA Senator moslehpou@hartford.edu
Politikos, Natalie A&S Chair politikos@hartford.edu
Sumukadas, Narendar Barney Senator sumukadas@hartford.edu
Thomson, Bill HAS Non-Senator thomson@hartford.edu
Wininger, Michael ENHP Senator wininger@hartford.edu
Committee Member College Position Email
Alderette, Paula Hillyer Chair alderette@hartford.edu
Carey, Ellen HAS Non-Senator ecarey@hartford.edu
Dichiara, Al A&S Senator dichiara@hartford.edu
Hao, Andy Barney Non-Senator hao@hartford.edu
Hart, Sarah ENHP Senator hart@harford.edu
Tatoglu, Akin CETA Senator tatoglu@hartford.edu
Woodard, Peter Hartt Non-Senator pwoodard@hartford.edu
Student Affairs
Committee Member College Position Email
Ashuntantang, Joyce Hillyer Non-Senator ashuntant@hartford.edu
Jagaiah, Thilagha ENHP Non-Senator jagaiah@hartford.edu
Oakes, Claudia ENHP Senator oakes@hartford.edu
Sinche, Bryan A&S Senator sinche@hartford.edu
Slaboch, Paul CETA Senator slaboch@hartford.edu
Snedecor, Phil Hartt Senator snedecor@hartford.edu
Vahrenwald, Michael HAS Chair vahrenwal@hartford.edu
Joevanni Thompson SGA Student jothompso@hartford.edu
Executive Committee
Committee Member College Position Email
Alderette, Paula Hillyer Diversity Chair alderette@hartford.edu
Haston, Warren Hartt A&N Chair haston@hartford.edu
Highberg, Nels A&S Curriculum Chair highberg@hartford.edu
Firkatian, Mari Hillyer Chair firkatian@hartford.edu
Katrichis, Jerry Barney Senate Chair katrichis@hartford.edu
Moslehpour, Saeid CETA CAT Chair moslehpou@hartford.edu
Pidano, Anne A&S Chair Emeritus pidano@hartford.edu
Politikos, Natalie A&S FA Chair politikos@hartford.edu
Richard, Lucy ENHP Civility Chair richard@hartford.edu
Vahrenwald, Michael HAS SA Chair vahrenwal@hartford.edu
Senate/Deans Joint
Committee Member College Position Email
Highberg, Nels A&S Vice Chair highberg@hartford.edu
Katrichis, Jerry Barney Chair katrichis@hartford.edu
Politikos, Natalie A&S Secretary politikos@hartford.edu
Black, Katherine Admin Dean Rep kablack@hartford.edu
Goldenberg, David Admin Dean Rep goldenber@hartford.edu
CAT Task Force
Committee Member College Position Email
Katrichis, Jerry Barney Senate Chair katrichis@hartford.edu
Moslehpour, Saeid CETA Chair moslehpou@hartford.edu
Oakes, Claudia ENHP Senator oakes@hatford.edu
Pidano, Anne A&S Senator pidano@hartford.edu
Rogers, Annette Barney Non-Senator arogers@hartford.edu
Civility Statement Task Force
Committee Member College Position Email
Grant, Christine
(Spec. Asst. to Pres for Diversity)
  Non-Senator cgrant@hartford.edu
Horvath, Jane A&S Non-Senator horvath@hartford.edu
Richard, Lucy ENHP Chair richard@hartford.edu
Schiano, Michael Hartt Non-Senator schiano@hartford.edu
Sekou, Bilal Hillyer Non-Senator sekou@hartford.edu
Sharp, Olga A&S Senator osharp@hartford.edu